New ! - Trio for the End of the Millennium on Kindle - Amazon E-book. By Fabrizio Falconi & Justin Bradshaw.

Trio for the End of the Millennium was written in it's original version in the summer of 1989 in the south of France, during the celebrations for the second centenary of the 1789 Revolution.

The original inspiration was born from the experience of that voyage. 

Three cantos of this poem were published separately: these were I, V, and VIII, and included in the collection L’ombra del ritorno (Campanotto, Udine 1996) and later in Poesie 1996-2007 (Campanotto, Udine 2007). 

The reason that so much time has passed between the time of writing and that of the integral publication of this poem (with the present edition) is due to a constant reworking of the text over different periods, up to the definitive edition of January-February 2012. 

The poem by Fabrizio Falconi is here published together with the series of paintings The Garden by Justin Bradshaw, co-author of this publication.

Translated  by David Lummus.

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